Will Gov Fallin Live Up to Her Word to Sign HB3399?


March 21, 2014, following a meeting where Governor Fallin was the keynote speaker, I approached her about signing HB3399. It was the last bill remaining alive this legislative session, so I ask using the specific bill number. She agreed to sign HB3399 if the bill made it through the House and Senate and to her desk. She has until Saturday, June 7 to sign the bill or it defaults to a pocket veto. Is our governor a woman of her word? Time will tell.


Who Attended The Common Core Meeting With The Governor?


secret meeting

In response to The Oklahoman article, “Common Core Plan is Focus of Meeting,” by Andrea Eger dated June 4, 2014, the question was asked by those opposed to Common Core and supporting HB3399 in many forums and Facebook pages, “Do you know of anyone that participated in the meeting regarding HB3399 that took place on Tuesday.”  Amazingly, no one knew anyone that was even asked to participate.  There were none of the groups or parents associated with the groups fighting Common Core that participated in that meeting and yet the opposition groups and Superintendents were included in that meeting and listed in the article.

A call was placed to the governor’s office requesting a list of the names of the people attending that supported the repeal of Common Core and HB3399, Governor Fallin’s Press Secretary; Alex Weintz refused to give any names and would not directly take the call.

It is time for the governor to make a decision; the people have spoken loud and clear on where they stand on Common Core.  Governor Fallin has received thousands if not tens of thousands of phone calls from Oklahoma citizens and citizens from around the nation asking that she sign HB3399.  The people of Oklahoma have spoken overwhelmingly through their elected representatives that they want HB 3399 signed. The governor needs to stop with the delay tactics and sign the bill.