The Art of the Witch-Hunt


In politics there are two ways to win: by merit or by destroying your opponent. Rarely does one win by merit. What is more common is the art of the political witch-hunt. The key to a good witch-hunt is public frenzy. Find something the public will emotionally connect to and pursue the victory at any cost, destroying whatever human capital is in the way.

For a state that has spent most of its existence controlled by Democrats, we are no strangers to the witch-hunt. All one needs is a good accusation and in the age of social media, the dogs are sent off. For the past few weeks, some in the media and some in the legislature have latched onto a political witch-hunt against the new administration of the State GOP. The motives vary from personal vendettas to self-promotion. Facts matter not when political egos are at stake.

What matters is that the victim is bullied publicly by as many as can jump on the bandwagon. Public opinion must be swayed so that whatever happens, the monsters on Maple Street are summoned into existence.

We are seeing the mob mentality emerge with one faction of the party going after the new State GOP Chair and his Political Director, TC Ryan. I have worked closely with Mr. Ryan on numerous meetings, conferences and events, he is a good and honorable man; a man of his word. He has organized minority outreach seminars for the County Party. He arranged an ice cream social event to unify behind our Republican nominees. He has promoted the principles of the party in various positions and across the entire state, building bridges between various groups around Oklahoma. Yet despite all of his accomplishments, despite those who know the man he is, the witch-hunt has begun and the only thing that matters is that he is bullied out of the party and cast aside once the mob is finished.

As Republicans we believe that our past does not define our future. We have always been the party of God’s grace and of hard work. We have seen both exhibited in TC’s history of assisting the party. Our conservative values and emphasis on the individual should enable us to examine the situation and forgo following the crowd. I am proud to call to TC a friend and stand by him and OKGOP State Chairman Randy Brogdon during this ridiculous personal attack.



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