Tulsa County Grassroots Republicans Speak Out



For years the grassroots have battled issue after issue in Oklahoma and witnessed recent victories in our fight against ObamaCare Health Exchanges in Oklahoma, in repealing Common Core, opposing National Popular Vote and fighting to keep the Presidential Primary date on Super Tuesday in Oklahoma. Additionally, we have made great strides in getting more and more grassroots individuals active and involved at all levels of the Republican Party process from precinct chair to county chair and finally to our newly elected State Party Chair.

Of course this means that those who continually oppose the grassroots movements are upset that they are not the only ones at the table anymore. We see this in the vindictive and underhanded division going on right now within the Oklahoma Republican Party against our new State Party Chair.

While we do not seek to elevate these petty claims any more than necessary, we do see a need to clarify that the grassroots in Tulsa County seems to be currently misrepresented. Many of us in Tulsa County do not agree with the statements made by our County Chair. We stand behind the decisions that Chairman Brogdon has made and see through the attempt to undermine his leadership by equating junior high politics to major issues like racism and domestic violence. The grassroots focuses on the issues for a reason and we look forward to working with the new chair on issues and growing the Republican Party during the next two years.