Ronda’s Picks – Primary 2018



Around this time every election I have people reach out and ask me how to vote since I am active politically. I consider many resources when I choose the candidates I support. Some candidates are easier to choose than others and some I must rely on those that have been in this fight longer than I, to give me direction.

Remember, this is only the primary election, in many of these races there will be run-off elections in August and the general election in November. On Tuesday we begin narrowing the field for the general election in November.

After careful consideration I feel comfortable recommending the following candidates in the 2018 primary election held June 26th.



Governor                                                    Dan Fisher

Lt Governor                                                Matt Pinnell

State Auditor                                              Cindy Byrd

Attorney General                                       Mike Hunter

Superintendent of Education                   Linda Murphy

Labor Commissioner                                  Cathy Costello

Insurance Commissioner                           Donald Chasteen

Corporation Commissioner                       Bob Anthony



U.S. House CD-1                                         Nathan Dahm



District Attorney                                         Steve Kunzweiler

Assessor                                                      John Wright

County Commissioner Dist 1                    Tracey Wilson

County Commissioner Dist 3                    Donny Tiemann


District 14, Office 1                                    Caroline Wall

District 14, Office 3                                    Jim Caputo

District 14, Office 12                                  Rick Westcott

Associate District Judge                             Adam Weintraub


State Senate

State Senate 4:                                           Mark Dean Allen
State Senate 18:                                         Eric Tomlinson
State Senate 20:                                         Aiya Kelley
State Senate 22:                                         Leslie Nessmith
State Senate 36:                                         David Dambroso or Dana Prieto
State Senate 40:                                         NOT Erwin Yen

State House

State House 5:                                            NOT Josh West
State House 8:                                            Tom Gann
State House 10:                                          Travis Dunlap
State House 12:                                          NOT Kevin McDugle
State House 14:                                          George Faught
State House 20:                                          Bobby Cleveland
State House 36:                                          Sean Roberts
State House 61:                                          Colton Buckley
State House 63:                                          Jeff Coody
State House 66:                                          Emily DeLozier
State House 67:                                          Scott McEachin
State House 68:                                          Nicole Nixon
State House 69:                                          Chuck Strohm
State House 71:                                          Mark Kosinski
State House 74:                                          Bradley Peixotto
State House 76:                                          Shelley Brumbaugh
State House 79:                                          Dan Hicks
State House 80:                                          Mike Ritze
State House 83:                                          Jason Reese
State House 98:                                          Wesley Pratt
State House 101:                                        Tess Teague

State Question 788 – Medical Marijuana             Yes


Another trusted source: Michael Bates election picks –

Polls are open from 7am – 7 pm Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Call or text 5 friends to remind them to get out and vote on Tuesday, if they haven’t already.




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