The Time for Repeal is NOW!


It’s no secret, Obamacare has been a disaster for Americans. Since the law’s passage in 2010, costs have gone up and access to care has continuously declined. Our experience here in the Sooner State is living proof of that: after years of double-digit premium increases there is only one insurer that still finds it economically viable to participate on the Oklahoma Obamacare exchange.

The failure of government mandated health care is one of the main reasons I became involved in the conservative movement. Since 2010, the Tulsa 9.12 Project has worked to achieve the full unconditional repeal of Obamacare and to send principled elected officials to Washington who will carry out this mission. We have waited and worked hard for seven long years. We must not retreat or accept less that what we were promised, the full repeal of Obamacare. Now is our time to act.

For the first time since the law was passed there is a President in the White House who has clearly stated that he is willing and eager to sign into law a full repeal of Obamacare. Congressional Leadership unfortunately, would rather tinker around the edges rather than rip the law up, root and branch. Now, more than ever, principled Conservatives are needed in Washington who will make a stand for full repeal.

The House Freedom Caucus is a membership group in the US House of Representatives. The Caucus, made up of conservative and libertarian members, is the living embodiment of the conservative movement in the House of Representatives. While most Republicans will go along with whatever Paul Ryan and the rest of the establishment Republicans want, the Freedom Caucus takes its Constitutional authority, oath of office and campaign promises more seriously.

Freedom Caucus members have been on the front lines of opposing Obamacare since the day it was proposed. They were instrumental in turning back Republican support of the first draft of the legislation. And in the face of the threats from Congressional leadership, the Freedom Caucus boldly exercised its authority to stand firm and say ‘no’ to bad policy.

That bad policy was Speaker Ryan’s flawed effort to repair rather than repeal Obamacare. This is not what the American people were promised on the campaign trail. After years of meaningless (show) votes supporting the repeal of socialized medicine, the practice should have paid off; Republicans should have been ready for prime time. And yet they weren’t.

What we received instead wasn’t a ‘repeal’ bill but a ‘repair’ bill that kept large parts of Obamacare intact. What we received was a huge broken promise. A promise the Freedom Caucus held dear and stood by. A promise for a ‘full repeal’ kept by the Freedom Caucus that compelled Speaker Ryan to withdraw his flawed and hastily rushed bill.

I have not mentioned, although most of you know, that Congressman Bridenstine is our own (and only) Oklahoma member of the Freedom Caucus. He has stood with the men and women of the Freedom Caucus to promote conservative values in Washington despite establishment attacks on Freedom Caucus efforts. We have seen across the country organized efforts by the left to infiltrate and disrupt town halls. Call Bridenstine’s office or send them a note and tell him these groups do not represent your values. Continue to encourage him. Continue to pray for him (Congressman Bridenstine). And encourage him, and his Freedom Caucus colleagues, to remember their promise to the American people and stand strong on a full repeal of Obamacare.


Because You Asked…a voting guide for 2016


Many have asked me how I will be voting and if I have recommendations, so I’m sharing with you the organizations and people I value for their research and explanation of state questions as well as how I plan to vote November 8th.

Let me preface this by saying, we need to think long and hard before we start adding stuff to our state constitution, which is what will happen with each ballot measure that passes, other than SQ790, which removes Article II, Section 5 of our state constitution.

We elect men and women to represent us in the legislature – let’s make them do the job we elected them to do, present and vote on legislation to make the positive changes we need in Oklahoma and not cement these changes in our constitution, making correction or change near impossible. Just a little food for thought.

Here we go! A few of the people/organizations I trust when looking for answers on the State Questions…

The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA), is a wonderful resource.

As is, Oklahoma Conservative PAC

I also trust Michael Bates at

I differ with these guys a little. On the State Questions, here’s how I will be voting…

SQ776 – Death Penalty – NO – we already have the death penalty in Oklahoma and just last session the legislature passed HB1879 which took care of this concern

SQ777 – Right to Farm – NO – it would supposedly provide protection to one industry, it is vaguely worded, the verbiage “compelling state interest” is not defined and the ballot measure is confusing.

SQ779 – Education TAX – NO! NO! NO! – Taxes Suck! Especially when the tax will do more harm to the state than it will do good for the teachers. Everyone agrees, teachers need a Voting and protest conceptraise, but there are better ways to make it happen. Less than half of the money of the projected revenues will go to teachers while almost 20% of it goes to higher education, which according to our state constitution has no responsibility for accountability or transparency on how the money is spent as they are not required to report it.


SQ780 – Justice Reform – NO – while I agree that we need justice reform in our state that is the role of our legislators and should not be placed in our constitution. Just last session our legislature passed 3 bills that dealt with Justice Reform. Let’s allow our legislators do their job. While I support the lessening of some charges from felonies to misdemeanors, this is not the answer. The consequence, should this pass will be an immediate overcrowding of county jails as those former felons will be pushed out of state prisons, but will still have to be locked up in already overcrowded county jails based on their newly reduced charges to misdemeanors.

SQ781 – Funding for County Programs – NO– contingent upon SQ780 passing – once again, we don’t need this in our constitution.

SQ790 – Religious Liberty – YES – this state question actually repeals the Blaine Amendment in our constitution. Last year the Oklahoma Supreme Court ordered the removal of the Ten Commandments from the capitol grounds, citing a portion of the Oklahoma Constitution which prohibits the government from using public property for the benefit of any religious institution (Blaine Amendment). This will also allow for more parental choice in education.

When Article II, Section 5, was placed in the Oklahoma Constitution, and similar “Blaine Amendment”-type provisions were added to other state constitutions, the framers wanted to encourage children to be indoctrinated in the state religion of the day (generic protestantism) and make it harder for families who wanted to educate their children in their own religion. The motivation for those who want to keep it today hasn’t changed, but the state religion has been changed (by the U. S. Supreme Court in the 1960s) to atheism and materialism.                Credit: Michel Bates

SQ792 – Alcohol Modernization – YESNOYESNO – it’s your choice. I understand the desire to bring our liquor laws up to date and more in line with the times, and I agree.confused-man1 In fact, I just spoke in favor of this state question at the Wagoner County GOP meeting and after listening to the discussion tonight and reading Michael Bates’ commentary, I believe I may reconsider. YES we need to update our liquor laws but if it won’t go into effect until 2018, we have time to allow our legislature to work on it, making the legislation and changes more concise and less confusing. Might I suggest flipping a coin on this one?

Judges and Justices (taken directly from

Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices:  Vote NO on Justices James Winchester and Donald Combs.  They are not just.  Overall, our State Supreme Court is progressive and activist.  It sometimes disregards our state constitution, and its opinions are inconsistent.  These two justices voted incorrectly on five out of six key votes, yielding a score of only 16.5%.

In the last few years, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has banned the Ten Commandments (Prescott v. Okla. Capitol Preservation Committee, 2015 OK 54), protected child rapists (Burns v. Cline, 2016 OK 99), protected abortionists (Burns v. Cline, 2014 OK 90), and protected sex offenders (Hendricks v. Jones ex rel. State ex rel. Okla. Dept. of Corr., 2013 OK 71).  Download this Judging Justices Flyer and give a copy to everybody at church.

Charlie Meadows provides the following recommendations on appellate judges based on his off the record discussions with attorneys, prosecutors, and lower court judges.

Judge Clancy Smith (State Court of Criminal Appeals):  Vote NO – Sources tell us that this Brad Henry appointee is very smart, but ideologically progressive to her core and way too nit-picky with jury decisions.

Judge Robert Hudson (State Court of Criminal Appeals):  Vote YES – Hudson is fairly new on the court.  He was appointed Payne county District Attorney by Frank Keating, replacing a corrupt DA.  Eventually he became chief of staff for Scott Pruitt.  He was recently appointed by Gov. Fallin to the Criminal Court of Appeals.  Hudson appears to be a serious Christian, and everyone consulted gave him very high marks.

Judge Thomas Thornbrugh (State Court of Civil Appeals):  YOUR CHOICE – The Court of Civil Appeals is the most difficult to evaluate because they do not settle many high profile cases.  Thornbrugh was the only judge on the court with whom some sources were not fully satisfied.

Judge John Fischer (State Court of Civil Appeals): Vote YES.

Judge Larry Joplin (State Court of Civil Appeals): Vote YES.

 As for the rest, I think you know how I will be voting. I will be voting my conscience, aligning myself with the candidate that best represents my principles and values. I must admit, the Supreme Court and the thought of Hillary Clinton as President are a YUGE part of my motivation.


 My recommendations in down ticket races (Tulsa area)…

 U.S. Senator

James Lankford


Oklahoma State Senate

Dist 25            Joe Newhouse

Dist 33            Nathan Dahm          

Dist 35            Gary Stanislawski

Dist 37            Dan Newberry


Oklahoma House of Representatives

Dist 12            Kevin McDugle

Dist 66            Jadine Nollan

Dist 67            Scott McEachin

Dist 74            Mr. Derby (David Derby’s dad)

Dist 76            David Brumbaugh

Dist 69            Chuck Strohm

Dist 78            Molly McKay

Dist 79            Weldon Watson

Dist 80            Dr. Mike Ritze


Tulsa County

County Commissioner Dist 2         Josh Turley

Tulsa County Court Clerk              Don Newberry


City of Tulsa

City Council Dist 9                           Eric McCray


 Hope this helps!  Happy Voting!

PSO’s Deception



PSO vs The People:  Who’s Lying Now?

PSO has claimed: Smart Meters Don’t Collect Personal Data

And yet, on August 15, 2016, the Attorney General’s office sent a letter to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission instructing them to adopt rules protecting our personal privacy in the Electric Utility Rules (Chapter 35 of Title 165).  These rules were intended to protect our personal data other than usage collected and transmitted by the smart meters.

In the fall of 2015 Assistant Attorney General Jerry Sanger said the he understood the “Utilities have the potential to profit MORE from the customer data sold than the consumption of electricity” (Forbes and Politico).  The Oklahoma Corporation Commission was to promulgate the rules more than five years ago to protect our privacy.

Most people don’t realize that every device in a home has an identifiable frequency signature allowing real time display of intimate details of daily life, when you bathe, cook, do laundry and when you are home or away.

Who is PSO sharing our private information with? California Utilities have reported sharing the information with the Federal Government, civil and criminal courts and law enforcement without notice to the customer. This violates our 4th Amendment Rights.

Real-time data collection is a hot commodity, the selling of which can provide a very healthy revenue stream, not accountable and not reported. Considering the fact that utilities can actually make MORE profit from the selling of their customers data than by consumption of utilities, why does PSO continue to request rate increases to make up for the savings you incurred by conserving electricity? But that’s another story for another day.

Remember, through real-time data collection PSO (and hackers) will know your life style patterns and habits, and once the data is seized and transmitted, your data is no longer protected. 


Ronda’s Recommendations for 2016 Primary Elections


Around election time I receive many requests on either how to vote or who to vote for. Following are the candidates I support. These are my views only and are not necessarily the views of Tulsa 9.12 Project leadership or members.

Feel free to carry this into the voting booth with you, share it with your friends and family – one of the best things you can do as Election Day draws near is to remind people to get out and vote. These are typically low voter turnout elections so EVERY vote counts!

Congress CD1 – Jim Bridenstine

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Bridenstine. He is a man of his word. A man of courage, conviction and boldness, with the heart a servant. He is a true representative of the people and our Constitution. We sent Bridenstine to Washington, DC, to make a difference and to be a voice for conservative principles and values; he has done all that and more! Bridenstine has earned my support and my vote! I trust Jim Bridenstine.

Oklahoma State Senate

SD25 – Joe Newhouse

SD25 is currently held by term limited state senator Mike Mazzei. In fact, I ran for this seat 4 years ago. I am encouraging my friends and neighbors in SD25 to cast their vote for Joe Newhouse. I first got to know Newhouse when he worked in Congressman Bridenstine’s office as a Field Representative, and is currently one of the youngest men to have achieved the status of Commander in the Navy Reserve, serving as a military advisor to NATO. Newhouse will bring to the state senate the same qualities of courage, boldness and discipline Representative Bridenstine brings to his congressional office. His loyalties will lie with the Constitution and the citizens of SD25, not to special interests and lobbyists.

SD33 – Nathan Dahm

Nathan Dahm is currently running for re-election in SD33, which just so happens to be my senate district. Dahm has proven to be a man of his word through his tireless fight to protect and advance our liberties. He too is a man of courage and boldness, taking on the issues that fight to protect life and liberty. Nathan stands for what I stand for, the Second Amendment, balanced budget, lower taxes, pro-life and smaller government and he fights for these for all Oklahoma citizens in the state senate. I proudly stand with Nathan Dahm and encourage others to also.

SD37 – Dan Newberry

Dan Newberry is currently running for re-election in SD37. Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with Newberry on issues related to budget, life, Medicaid expansion, tax credits, etc.. I believe Newberry has a heart to do what’s right for Oklahoma and though we have had more than one occasion to disagree, we put aside our differences to work together when and where we can. If you live in SD37 I would encourage you to support Dan Newberry for state senate.

SD39 – Amanda Teegarden

Amanda Teegarden is running for the open seat left vacant by term limited state senator Brian Crain. There is no candidate more qualified to serve as state senator than Amanda Teegarden.  Amanda is my friend and my mentor; she taught me and hundreds of others how to read and understand the language of a bill, how to effectively call and write our legislators and how to be a citizen activist/lobbyist. Because of her hard work and dedication as a citizen activist and executive director of a non-profit organization we were able to convince Governor Fallin to return $54 million in an Early Innovator Grant tied to the Affordable Care Act and because of Teegarden’s determination and diligence we were able to keep ObamaCare Exchanges out of Oklahoma. She believes strongly in an open and transparent government, she understands the issues and is committed to conservative solutions. Teegarden is a constitutional conservative, she will fight to protect our privacy and our property.  If elected, Teegarden will read the bills before casting a vote, will determine if we can afford to enact legislation based on needs, not wants, and will work towards the best interests of her constituents, not special interests or lobbyists. Amanda Teegarden was recognized by her peers at the first Defenders of Liberty Grassroots Activism Awards, as the recipient of the Samuel Adams Statesman of the Year Award for her leadership, research, activism and willingness to teach others.

Oklahoma State House

HD67 – Scott McEachin

Scott McEachin is running for term limited representative Pam Peterson’s open seat. Scott has been a friend for a number of years and participated on Tulsa 9.12 Project board until he announced he was running for office. I have supported McEachin since he first decided to run for office because I have witnessed firsthand his dedication and support of our founding principles in the way he lives and speaks. He will advocate for policies that restore the proper balance between Washington DC and the citizens of Oklahoma. McEachin is active in his community through involvement with his church and conservative organizations. He and his wife Debbie have a heart for our community and our state and they live that dedication through their hard work and support. Scott McEachin is a constitutional conservative.

HD70 – Ken Walker

Ken Walker is currently running for his third term in HD70. Walker works to modernize government through consolidation of dozens of Authorities, Boards, Trusts and Commissions, saving tax payers Hundreds of Thousands of dollars. He Co-Authored HB3218 which ends the current end of the year tests for high-school students and drastically reduces the number of tests for grades 3-8, and he Co-Authored HB2957 which puts the power back in the hands of the local school districts of how they evaluate their teachers. If you live in HD70, I recommend Ken Walker.

Tulsa County Sheriff – Luke Sherman

 I voted for and supported Luke Sherman during the special election earlier this year to replace Sheriff Stanley Glanz. I support Luke again as he is running for the full four year term and has the support and endorsement of most of his opponents from the special election. As a Tulsa Police Officer, Sherman has served our community with honor and integrity. He has the personality and demeanor to lead the Sheriff’s Department, restoring pride, confidence and honor to the office of Tulsa County Sheriff. As Sheriff, Sherman has stated that should the need arise, he will take a Constitutional stand against the overreach of the federal government. He will have our back. He has my vote!

 Tulsa County Clerk – Michael Willis

Tulsa County Clerk is an open seat because our current County Clerk is not running for re-election. I will be casting my vote for Michael Willis. Michael currently serves as the Chief Deputy County Commissioner and Public Information Officer at Tulsa County. Having observed Willis in a variety of settings and speaking with him on a number of issues, I believe he will do a great job as our County Clerk – he has a heart for our community and a desire to serve.

Tulsa County Court Clerk – Don Newberry

 Tulsa County Assessor, Ken Yazel said it best, “Don is the most qualified candidate for Tulsa County Court Clerk. He has worked in the Tulsa Assessor’s office for the past six years, serving Tulsa County citizens with loyalty and professionalism. Don currently manages our Title Research Department and his professionalism has been nothing but exemplary. His ingenuity and business mind combined with his management skills and education is exactly what this County needs in an elected official.” I will be casting my vote for Don Newberry for Tulsa County Court Clerk.

Tulsa County Commissioner – Toss up

I am undecided on this race and may just flip a coin to determine who to vote for. I believe either one will serve us well bringing new ideas and vision for Tulsa county. One the one hand, Turley has worked in county government and is familiar with procedure and protocol while having an understanding of the needs of Tulsa County. On the other hand I have known Grable for a number of years and have spent time listening to his thoughts and ideas and I believe he has a future in politics. His experience in having worked at the state capitol would be beneficial to the office of County Commissioner.  Full disclosure: I have donated to Grable’s campaign.

City of Tulsa Mayor – Dewey Bartlett

I stand in support of Dewey Bartlett for mayor. While we may not always agree, we respect one another’s opinions and are willing to have an open dialogue regarding ideas and differences. Bartlett assumed the financial and organizational disarray of Kathy Taylor’s time in office and has done a good job of moving Tulsa in the right direction. Democrats are lining up behind Bartlett’s opponent, GT Bynum – Kathy Taylor, Karen Keith and former Congressman John Sullivan – okay, so Sullivan is registered as a Republican but he did endorse GT Bynum and then there’s his voting record. Yes, there are other candidates in the race but the reality is, this is a two man race and I am supporting the more conservative candidate of the two. Bynum will continue to push his progressive agenda, has stated that he supports the Boren 1% sales tax, and will behave like a college kid with daddy’s checkbook, spending our tax dollars faster than they generate. We don’t need a lobbyist indebted to special interests, willing to grow the size and scope of government on the backs of our children and grandchildren. We need an adult in the office of mayor, willing to make the tough decisions while working to make Tulsa a better place to live, raise a family and eventually retire. Let’s keep a good thing going – Vote Dewey Bartlett for Mayor










A Summary of LWV SD 39 Forum


Thursday evening, June 9, the League of Women Voters held a public forum for Senate District 39 candidates at the OU Tulsa campus. Senate District 39 is currently held by term limited Brian Crain, which makes SD39 an open seat.

Three candidates participated in the forum – Dave Rader, Amanda Teegarden and Alan Staab, approximately 40-45 people attended the forum. The questions came from the audience, read by the moderator and the time keeper kept everything running smoothly. The League of Women Voters did a great job and a great service to our community by hosting this event.

The questions asked were very thoughtful and the answers provided insight into the differences between the candidates. The first question was “were the candidates familiar with the legislative process and if not, who would they look to for guidance?”  Staab answered first, stating that he would rely on friends and other legislators to educate him in the legislative process. Rader said he will find like-minded individuals within the legislature to teach and mentor him, while Teegarden reminded the audience that through her work as a citizen activist she has already spent most of the last ten years learning Oklahoma policy and procedures for herself.

On education and budget issues, all agreed that these are the top issues affecting our state.  Rader is in favor of allowing school boards to raise the debt bonding limit from 10% to 15%. Teegarden explained that currently 51% of the state budget goes to education, appearing as a single line item on the budget; she would like to carve out a dedicated funding stream for classroom instructors and require transparency about all sources of revenue and education expenditures, which currently appear to be top heavy in administrative costs. Staab was in favor of increasing the general budget item for education and was fully supportive of the cigarette tax as well.

Of course, the Boren 1% sales tax was brought up. Both Staab and Teegarden were opposed to the regressive tax. Rader’s response was non-committal in that he said it didn’t matter how he votes and would not answer with his opinion on the matter.

When asked about mental health in Oklahoma, Rader didn’t give a clear, straight answer. He did say that maybe Insure Oklahoma was the way to go but that all options must be considered. Staab was in favor of expanding Medicaid for the purpose of receiving more federal funding and as stated earlier, he favors the cigarette tax. Teegarden is opposed to Medicaid expansion due to the current national debt and the fact that there is no money to fund expansion, and that she supports more health care freedom of choice in Oklahoma.

One question was regarding their opinion as to what was the most significant piece of legislation from this last legislative session. Teegarden stated that SB1552 was probably the most significant bill of the session and that it was unfortunate that Gov. Fallin had vetoed it.  Rader was in agreement with Teegarden in regard to SB1552. Staab voiced his support of the cigarette tax and touted it as the most important bill (it was defeated).

When asked how each candidate would build consensus with their fellow legislators, Staab mentioned his ability to build relationships, and stated that if he wins the election, he and his wife will move to OKC and purchase season tickets to the Thunder games to represent the people of Tulsa. Rader cited his experience as a player and coach to begin consensus building. Teegarden stated that finding consensus is not the goal of a legislator, that there is usually a right and wrong and that, “legislation is either good or bad.  The job of a state senator is to uphold the oath of office, and defend and support both the US and state constitutions.”

It was a good evening with engaged citizens. The evening offered insight on the candidates of SD39, some similar, some vastly different.

Smart Meters – Take them or else!


NE Oklahoma Electric Co-op appears to be in a race to complete the installation of Smart Meters before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC), votes on the cost for customers to opt out of receiving a Smart Meter. This has resulted in three different occurrences between NE Oklahoma Electric Co-op customers who have expressed opposition to the new meters.

Monday, October 5, NE Oklahoma Electric Co-op jumped a locked gate and replaced the analog meter with a Smart Meter at Mr. Chuck Clawson’s home. Mr. Clawson had expressed to the electric co-op that he did not want his meter replaced on more than one occasion. Knowing Mr. Clawson’s objection to the installation of a Smart Meter, the electric co-op waited until Mr. Clawson was not home, jumped his locked gate and changed out his meter.

Tuesday, October 6, NE Oklahoma Electric Co-op forced the installation of a Smart Meter on another customer who had rejected the new meters, Ms. Marlene McClelland. Ms. McClelland made her objections known to the electric co-op regarding the new Smart Meters through phone conversations, face-to-face conversations as well as a sign on the meter clearly stating that she wanted to retain her current meter and not receive a Smart Meter. Once again, with full knowledge of Ms. McClelland’s objection, the NE Oklahoma Electric Co-op forced her to receive a new meter by changing the meter when Ms. McClelland was not home.

Also, on Tuesday, October 6, Mr. Randy Love’s electrical service was terminated due to his refusal of receiving a Smart Meter. NE Oklahoma Electric Co-op went to Mr. Love’s home on Monday to replace his meter, Mr. Love declined the installation to which he was then informed that if he did not allow for the meter to be replaced they would come the next day to retrieve their property (meter) and leave Mr. Love and his family without electrical services. NE Oklahoma Electric Co-op returned on Tuesday, stated they were operating under Oklahoma Corporation Commission guidelines (though they couldn’t state specific guidelines), that no opt out option is available and they were removing their property (electric meter), leaving the Love’s with no electricity.

NE Oklahoma Electric Co-op is regulated by the OCC.  The Opt out case at the OCC has received the administrative judges’ opinion and awaits the Commissioners approval which is expected within a few weeks.  It would appear that NE Oklahoma Electric Co-op is trying to deploy their Smart Meters before the OCC decision.  Will the Opt out fees be too punitive to have a meter removed once installed by NE Co-op.   Considering that NE Oklahoma Electric Co-op has a monopoly on electrical services in that area should they be allowed to force customers to receive a Smart Meter that the customer believes will threaten their health, safety and privacy within their home?  Since when, does a Corporation or a Co-op have the right to put a non- grounded, telecom device which collects and transmits personal  data on private property without any due process? No federal or State law mandates the deployment of these problematic meters.

Actions Have Consequences – Or Do They? Will the Tulsa Chamber hold Mike Neal accountable for his Actions?


Neal Landrieu

Last week an invitation was issued for a fundraiser in honor of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, (best known for selling her vote in support of PPACA (ObamaCare) for $300 million in additional concessions to support Louisiana’s Medicaid system, which became known as “The Louisiana Purchase.”), one of the most liberal senators in Washington, D.C., to be held at none other than Tulsa’s former Mayor, Kathy Taylor’s home. Mike Neal, Louisiana native, President and C.E.O. of Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce is one of the co-hosts of the Landrieu fundraiser. This is not surprising and not out of the ordinary and in the grand scheme of things it would appear that everything was on the up-and-up, until you get to the letter written and signed by Mike Neal on Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce stationary, in his official capacity as President and C.E.O. Invitation and letter

All hell broke loose when the invitation, coupled with the letter was made public. The outcry of the citizens and an Open Letter signed by the entire Oklahoma delegation was heard loud and clear. All seven members of the Oklahoma delegation expressed their surprise and disappointment at the letter written on Chamber stationary, inviting Chamber members to a fundraising event for Senator Landrieu. In their Open Letter to Chamber members they expressed their displeasure with the Tulsa Chamber for “benefitting an out-of-state Democrat running for U.S. Senate. This is not only one of the most competitive races in the country, but a race that will determine the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.” The letter from the delegation goes on to say, “Contrary to the Tulsa Chamber letter, electing Mary Landrieu is not good for American energy policy, Oklahoma business, or the Tulsa region. Rather, she will keep Harry Reid in charge of the Senate and allow him to continue to block key energy legislation that would benefit our nation, our state, and our region.” Delegation letter to Chamber

What on earth was Mike Neal thinking? Neal abused his office by using his position at the Tulsa Chamber to influence members of the Chamber to attend a fundraiser for one of the most liberal senators in the U.S. Senate by using the Chamber mailing list, Chamber letterhead, the Chamber staff and resources. Through his participation and support of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, it appears that Mike Neal wants to keep Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader, a view that does not represent the values and principles of Tulsa and the surrounding communities.

It seems to be the status quo for the citizens in Tulsa and the surrounding communities to not have their principles and values represented by the Chamber of Commerce. Just last legislative session, Mike Neal and the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce led the charge to raise taxes, supported comprehensive immigration reform, expansion of Medicaid, supported and lobbied for the full implementation of Common Core State Standards, and pushed for more of our tax dollars through state-wide bonding for the building of a Pop Museum, by pushing the One Voice Agenda and its contrary beliefs to conservative Oklahomans.

It is past time for the Chamber to quit being involved in politics. They recruit and fund candidates that will champion the Chamber’s agenda, regardless of what the citizens of Oklahoma want. It is one of the reasons it is so difficult for citizens to get conservative legislation passed. The Chamber hires lobbyists to work against the will of the people to promote crony capitalism, giving unfair advantage to big corporations. It is time for the Chamber of Commerce to go back to what its original intent was, to assist small businesses, to encourage commerce and to once again be the champion of the small business owner.

Neal’s response to this debacle reads more like he was “sorry for getting caught”, or the ol’, “it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission” type of remorse. Mike Neal should resign his position as President and C.E.O. of the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce effective immediately. As President and C.E.O, he knew what he was doing was wrong and unethical, and yet he chose to do it anyway. The Tulsa Regional Chamber is taxpayer funded (in part), which is unusual for Chamber of Commerce funding. The citizens should be able to call for Neal’s resignation and demand that no more tax payer dollars go to fund this organization – let it be funded by its membership the way most chambers are. Chamber and Neal response