Ronda’s Picks – Primary 2018



Around this time every election I have people reach out and ask me how to vote since I am active politically. I consider many resources when I choose the candidates I support. Some candidates are easier to choose than others and some I must rely on those that have been in this fight longer than I, to give me direction.

Remember, this is only the primary election, in many of these races there will be run-off elections in August and the general election in November. On Tuesday we begin narrowing the field for the general election in November.

After careful consideration I feel comfortable recommending the following candidates in the 2018 primary election held June 26th.



Governor                                                    Dan Fisher

Lt Governor                                                Matt Pinnell

State Auditor                                              Cindy Byrd

Attorney General                                       Mike Hunter

Superintendent of Education                   Linda Murphy

Labor Commissioner                                  Cathy Costello

Insurance Commissioner                           Donald Chasteen

Corporation Commissioner                       Bob Anthony



U.S. House CD-1                                         Nathan Dahm



District Attorney                                         Steve Kunzweiler

Assessor                                                      John Wright

County Commissioner Dist 1                    Tracey Wilson

County Commissioner Dist 3                    Donny Tiemann


District 14, Office 1                                    Caroline Wall

District 14, Office 3                                    Jim Caputo

District 14, Office 12                                  Rick Westcott

Associate District Judge                             Adam Weintraub


State Senate

State Senate 4:                                           Mark Dean Allen
State Senate 18:                                         Eric Tomlinson
State Senate 20:                                         Aiya Kelley
State Senate 22:                                         Leslie Nessmith
State Senate 36:                                         David Dambroso or Dana Prieto
State Senate 40:                                         NOT Erwin Yen

State House

State House 5:                                            NOT Josh West
State House 8:                                            Tom Gann
State House 10:                                          Travis Dunlap
State House 12:                                          NOT Kevin McDugle
State House 14:                                          George Faught
State House 20:                                          Bobby Cleveland
State House 36:                                          Sean Roberts
State House 61:                                          Colton Buckley
State House 63:                                          Jeff Coody
State House 66:                                          Emily DeLozier
State House 67:                                          Scott McEachin
State House 68:                                          Nicole Nixon
State House 69:                                          Chuck Strohm
State House 71:                                          Mark Kosinski
State House 74:                                          Bradley Peixotto
State House 76:                                          Shelley Brumbaugh
State House 79:                                          Dan Hicks
State House 80:                                          Mike Ritze
State House 83:                                          Jason Reese
State House 98:                                          Wesley Pratt
State House 101:                                        Tess Teague

State Question 788 – Medical Marijuana             Yes


Another trusted source: Michael Bates election picks –

Polls are open from 7am – 7 pm Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Call or text 5 friends to remind them to get out and vote on Tuesday, if they haven’t already.




OK GOP Commends Legislators on “NO” Vote to Raise Taxes


Rep BeliefsSaturday, November 11, 2017, the Oklahoma Republican State Committee meeting was held in Oklahoma City. The State GOP Committee is the governing body of the Republican Party in Oklahoma.

In a bold move, participants in the Oklahoma Republican State Committee meeting overwhelmingly passed a Resolution in the support of the 22 courageous state representatives that voted “NO” on raising taxes, demanding accountability through performance audits so we can find waste, fraud and abuse.

I was a participant. I carried the proxies of my state representatives (State Senator Nathan Dahm and State Representative Mike Ritze), which allowed me to participate in the committee meeting. At the end of the meeting I presented a Resolution for consideration, commending the 22 state representatives that held strong and voted “NO” on HB1054, the largest tax increase in Oklahoma history.

 After much discussion and compromise the Resolution passed overwhelmingly in favor of recognizing and commending the 22 who chose to stand for party principles of lower taxes, transparency and accountability, holding fast against fierce pressure to raise taxes. Thank goodness for this budget debacle or we would be none the wiser, still funding the shell games of many of these agencies.
I am proud of the members of the State GOP Committee for choosing to stand up for our platform as we work to strengthen party relevance through support and accountability of our party platform.

Press Release:

11/15/2017 — On Saturday, November 11th, the State Committee of the Oklahoma Republican Party passed a Resolution commending the fortitude of the 22 Republican House of Representatives members who stood first for the people of Oklahoma and in accordance with our Party Platform in voting against excessive taxation.
As detailed in the Rules of the Oklahoma Republican Party, “The State Committee is the supreme Republican Party authority of the State Republican Party...It is charged with the duty of promoting the welfare and direction, controlling the affairs of the Oklahoma Republican Party…”
Increasing concerns have been voiced that tax increases were sought as a first resort to fill budget gaps, without following the Republican Party’s clear platform guidelines to audit agencies’ performance and financial conditions.. With several news headlines detailing mismanagement and monies unaccounted for in state agencies, and agencies requesting more and more monies without fully accounting their expenses, it is apparent that government practices need immediate scrutiny.
The vast majority of media coverage highlighted the narrative of those who prefer to tax and spend versus representing the people by safeguarding their tax dollars for use only in legitimate government functions with maximum efficiencies. This Resolution thanked those that stood committed to transparency and to the principles that they were elected to follow. The governing body of the State Committee supported their efforts to  be the voice of the citizens of Oklahoma.
Quorum was achieved, and remained compliant throughout the meeting by Rule 19(b) Rules of the Republican Party. Upon the vote, the Resolution passed handily.
While the 22 Republican House members who voted were specifically highlighted in the Resolution, it should be noted that State Rep. John Bennett was also a firm advocate of defending Oklahoma taxpayers, but missed the vote due to a family emergency.
Five State Senators also voted previously in their Chamber against the tax increase. Those State Senators are: Josh Brecheen, Nathan Dahm, Julie Daniels, Dan Newberry, and Anthony Sykes. They should also be commended as having done the right thing in spite of extensive pressure to raise taxes.


Resolution Commending the Republican Minority Vote on HB 1054X
WHEREAS, Filling the Budget shortfalls without first auditing agencies’ performance and financial conditions covers up mismanagement and/or corruption, and avoids making the hard decisions on cutting inefficiencies that lead to cost savings;
WHEREAS, The prime example is the recently uncovered mismanagement and/or fraud at the Department of Health which would likely not have become known if this tax plan had already passed the House earlier in session;
WHEREAS, The Oklahoma Legislature should not increase tax burdens on Oklahomans while this lack of transparency in spending continues to exist in an undetermined number of the over 120 state agencies; and
WHEREAS, The Republican Party Platform is very clear that, “Revenues collected at all levels of government should be used only for well-defined, legitimate government functions, and should be carried out efficiently so that tax rates may be kept as low as possible”; therefore, be it
RESOLVED, The Oklahoma Republican Party State Committee hereby commends the fortitude of the 22 Republican Representatives: Kevin Calvey, Bobby Cleveland, Jeff Coody, Dale Derby, Tim Downing, Travis Dunlap, John Enns, George Faught, Tom Gann, Tommy Hardin, Mark McBride, Scott McEachin, Lewis Moore, Jason Murphey, Terry O’Donnell, Mike Ritze, Sean Roberts, Michael Rogers, Chuck Strohm, Tess Teague, Kevin West, and Rick West, who have put principle over politics, and held the line to not increase taxes again without a complete audit of all agencies; and
RESOLVED, The Oklahoma Republican Party State Committee encourages all legislators to proceed now with the leadership and courage to be accountable first to the people of Oklahoma, knowing that it is our tax dollars they are spending

Academic Freedom: The Oklahoma Science Education Act


Oklahoma Science Education Act

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, State Representative David Brumbaugh, two days before his death, presented before committee SB393, the Oklahoma Science Education Act. This bill promotes academic freedom by allowing students and teachers the opportunity to freely and openly discuss scientific theory.

Sixteen states have already adopted or have legislation promoting academic freedom. Academic freedom is not something we should fear, but instead embrace, as it allows the free exchange of ideas and questions thus promoting critical thinking skills which are important for our children to nurture and cultivate so that as adults they will be able to think for themselves.

After all, our goal for students is to teach them ‘how’ to think not just ‘what’ to think, right? Discussing who, what, where, how, and why of subjects allows for mental growth. To just accept something ‘as is’, without being allowed to question or discuss fosters a group think mentality allowing little room for growth. We should expect our educational institutions to promote critical thinking skills and allow objective, open discussion of scientific theory, as science is never ‘settled’.

There is no such thing as ‘settled science’. “Settled Science” is a term to normalize scientific laziness and discourage questioning and analysis of controversial issues. It is through the inquisitive nature of man and his never-ending quest for knowledge that we didn’t accept as ‘settled science’, that the earth is flat; that washing your hands before surgery isn’t necessary (it is one of the most important factors in the prevention of post-surgery infection); or the fact that it is not fat that leads to obesity, but the sugar in our diets. Settled Science today would have us believe that climate change is largely manmade, that GMO’s are safe, that vaccines don’t cause autism and that the earth will soon run out of oil, sinking humanity into an age of darkness without fossil fuels.

The Oklahoma Science Education Act, if passed, will create an environment that encourages student to explore scientific questions learn about scientific evidence, develop critical thinking skills and respond appropriately and respectfully to differences of opinion about controversial issues.

The Oklahoma Science Education Act, if passed, shall endeavor to assist teachers to find effective ways to present the science curriculum as it addresses scientific controversies. Teachers shall be permitted to help students understand, analyze, critique and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of existing scientific theories covered in the course being taught.

The Oklahoma Science Education Act, if passed, will not allow any educational authority to prohibit any teacher in a public school district in this state from helping students understand, analyze, critique and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and weaknesses of existing scientific theories covered in the course being taught.

The Oklahoma Science Education Act, if passed, only protects the teaching of scientific information and shall not be construed to promote any religious or non-religious doctrine, promote discrimination for or against a particular set of religious beliefs or non-beliefs or promote discrimination for or against religion or non-religion.

The Oklahoma Science Education Act, if passed, shall provide a waiver of immunity from civil lawsuit, or termination of employment to a teacher as long as they are acting in compliance with this act.

I don’t understand why anyone would object to this bill, it doesn’t promote religion or religious doctrine; it encourages exploration and discussion of subject matter being taught. I guess the bottom line is, do we want our children to be robots? To be taught what to think instead of how to think? Are we so opposed to differing opinions that we won’t allow our children to explore opposing views and question scientific theories? Einstein said, “The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” When did teaching objectivity and critical thinking become a no-no?

If our children are not taught how to participate in a robust exchange of ideas through debate and discussion, how on earth will we prepare them for adulthood. We do a grave injustice to our children if we allow them to be taught only to pass a test and not how to think through problems and to call into question the politically correct, so-called, ‘settled science’.

In the words of one of our most popular founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, “Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.”

Representative David Brumbaugh, from Broken Arrow, passed away just two days after presenting this bill. It was his life’s work. It would be a shame to disregard his legacy out of fear of allowing our children to express their own thoughts and opinions on scientific theory. Let us instead uphold Brumbaugh’s legacy and his vision for honest and open discussion of Oklahoma’s students in the subject of Science.

This blog appeared first on Just Ronda – Academic Freedom: The Oklahoma Science Education Act

The Time for Repeal is NOW!


It’s no secret, Obamacare has been a disaster for Americans. Since the law’s passage in 2010, costs have gone up and access to care has continuously declined. Our experience here in the Sooner State is living proof of that: after years of double-digit premium increases there is only one insurer that still finds it economically viable to participate on the Oklahoma Obamacare exchange.

The failure of government mandated health care is one of the main reasons I became involved in the conservative movement. Since 2010, the Tulsa 9.12 Project has worked to achieve the full unconditional repeal of Obamacare and to send principled elected officials to Washington who will carry out this mission. We have waited and worked hard for seven long years. We must not retreat or accept less that what we were promised, the full repeal of Obamacare. Now is our time to act.

For the first time since the law was passed there is a President in the White House who has clearly stated that he is willing and eager to sign into law a full repeal of Obamacare. Congressional Leadership unfortunately, would rather tinker around the edges rather than rip the law up, root and branch. Now, more than ever, principled Conservatives are needed in Washington who will make a stand for full repeal.

The House Freedom Caucus is a membership group in the US House of Representatives. The Caucus, made up of conservative and libertarian members, is the living embodiment of the conservative movement in the House of Representatives. While most Republicans will go along with whatever Paul Ryan and the rest of the establishment Republicans want, the Freedom Caucus takes its Constitutional authority, oath of office and campaign promises more seriously.

Freedom Caucus members have been on the front lines of opposing Obamacare since the day it was proposed. They were instrumental in turning back Republican support of the first draft of the legislation. And in the face of the threats from Congressional leadership, the Freedom Caucus boldly exercised its authority to stand firm and say ‘no’ to bad policy.

That bad policy was Speaker Ryan’s flawed effort to repair rather than repeal Obamacare. This is not what the American people were promised on the campaign trail. After years of meaningless (show) votes supporting the repeal of socialized medicine, the practice should have paid off; Republicans should have been ready for prime time. And yet they weren’t.

What we received instead wasn’t a ‘repeal’ bill but a ‘repair’ bill that kept large parts of Obamacare intact. What we received was a huge broken promise. A promise the Freedom Caucus held dear and stood by. A promise for a ‘full repeal’ kept by the Freedom Caucus that compelled Speaker Ryan to withdraw his flawed and hastily rushed bill.

I have not mentioned, although most of you know, that Congressman Bridenstine is our own (and only) Oklahoma member of the Freedom Caucus. He has stood with the men and women of the Freedom Caucus to promote conservative values in Washington despite establishment attacks on Freedom Caucus efforts. We have seen across the country organized efforts by the left to infiltrate and disrupt town halls. Call Bridenstine’s office or send them a note and tell him these groups do not represent your values. Continue to encourage him. Continue to pray for him (Congressman Bridenstine). And encourage him, and his Freedom Caucus colleagues, to remember their promise to the American people and stand strong on a full repeal of Obamacare.

NO Excuses! Get ‘er done!


2016 is the year not just Oklahomans but American voters spoke loudly and clearly regarding the direction they want to see our state and country go. The 2016 election was a mandate to our elected officials that the time has come to get the job done. No more excuses!

Oklahoma has super majorities in the House and Senate as well as hold every elected statewide position, the people have spoken, “Get ‘er done!”

As submitted to The Tulsa Beacon:

2016 gave us one helluva ride! Between the Presidential election and all that entailed, and the state with the Education lobby trying to take over the Oklahoma legislature, citizens from across our state and country sent a message very loud and very clear on November 8th … “Get ‘er done!” No more whining and excuses from our federal delegation – we have given you the House, the Senate and the White House, now… get ‘er done! ObamaCare repealed and replaced during the 115th Congress – NO excuses! Overreaching federal regulations, unconstitutional executive orders, reducing the size of government, easing Americans tax burdens … just Get ‘er done!!!

The people of Oklahoma want our state legislators to “Get ‘er done!” here, as well. The education groups were unsuccessful in bullying their way into the legislature as planned last year, and Oklahoma voters soundly defeated the one percent sales tax initiative, not because they believe teachers don’t deserve a raise but because it would have been bad overall for Oklahoma.

Parental choice in education and vaccination is a MUST! Education reform, including teacher pay raises is necessary to restore confidence in our education and relieve some of the burden on teachers. Asset forfeiture and justice reform need to be addressed, protecting our First Amendment by protecting donor laws, rejecting Medicaid expansion, as well as pension and tax code reform are what Oklahoma citizens elected (re-elected), our state legislature to take care of. So, just as at the federal level, the citizens of Oklahoma have sent the message to the Oklahoma House, Senate and Governor’s office to… GET ‘ER DONE! Republicans have super majorities in the House and Senate and we hold the Governor’s office – NO excuses!  Get ‘er Done!!

Here’s hoping that at this time next year we can declare, “2017 the year We Got ‘er Done!”

Ronda Vuillemont-Smith

Founder and President, Tulsa 9.12 Project

FreedomWorks Advisory Council Member

Heritage Action for America, Sentinel Wall of Honor Award Recipient 2016

Because You Asked…a voting guide for 2016


Many have asked me how I will be voting and if I have recommendations, so I’m sharing with you the organizations and people I value for their research and explanation of state questions as well as how I plan to vote November 8th.

Let me preface this by saying, we need to think long and hard before we start adding stuff to our state constitution, which is what will happen with each ballot measure that passes, other than SQ790, which removes Article II, Section 5 of our state constitution.

We elect men and women to represent us in the legislature – let’s make them do the job we elected them to do, present and vote on legislation to make the positive changes we need in Oklahoma and not cement these changes in our constitution, making correction or change near impossible. Just a little food for thought.

Here we go! A few of the people/organizations I trust when looking for answers on the State Questions…

The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA), is a wonderful resource.

As is, Oklahoma Conservative PAC

I also trust Michael Bates at

I differ with these guys a little. On the State Questions, here’s how I will be voting…

SQ776 – Death Penalty – NO – we already have the death penalty in Oklahoma and just last session the legislature passed HB1879 which took care of this concern

SQ777 – Right to Farm – NO – it would supposedly provide protection to one industry, it is vaguely worded, the verbiage “compelling state interest” is not defined and the ballot measure is confusing.

SQ779 – Education TAX – NO! NO! NO! – Taxes Suck! Especially when the tax will do more harm to the state than it will do good for the teachers. Everyone agrees, teachers need a Voting and protest conceptraise, but there are better ways to make it happen. Less than half of the money of the projected revenues will go to teachers while almost 20% of it goes to higher education, which according to our state constitution has no responsibility for accountability or transparency on how the money is spent as they are not required to report it.


SQ780 – Justice Reform – NO – while I agree that we need justice reform in our state that is the role of our legislators and should not be placed in our constitution. Just last session our legislature passed 3 bills that dealt with Justice Reform. Let’s allow our legislators do their job. While I support the lessening of some charges from felonies to misdemeanors, this is not the answer. The consequence, should this pass will be an immediate overcrowding of county jails as those former felons will be pushed out of state prisons, but will still have to be locked up in already overcrowded county jails based on their newly reduced charges to misdemeanors.

SQ781 – Funding for County Programs – NO– contingent upon SQ780 passing – once again, we don’t need this in our constitution.

SQ790 – Religious Liberty – YES – this state question actually repeals the Blaine Amendment in our constitution. Last year the Oklahoma Supreme Court ordered the removal of the Ten Commandments from the capitol grounds, citing a portion of the Oklahoma Constitution which prohibits the government from using public property for the benefit of any religious institution (Blaine Amendment). This will also allow for more parental choice in education.

When Article II, Section 5, was placed in the Oklahoma Constitution, and similar “Blaine Amendment”-type provisions were added to other state constitutions, the framers wanted to encourage children to be indoctrinated in the state religion of the day (generic protestantism) and make it harder for families who wanted to educate their children in their own religion. The motivation for those who want to keep it today hasn’t changed, but the state religion has been changed (by the U. S. Supreme Court in the 1960s) to atheism and materialism.                Credit: Michel Bates

SQ792 – Alcohol Modernization – YESNOYESNO – it’s your choice. I understand the desire to bring our liquor laws up to date and more in line with the times, and I agree.confused-man1 In fact, I just spoke in favor of this state question at the Wagoner County GOP meeting and after listening to the discussion tonight and reading Michael Bates’ commentary, I believe I may reconsider. YES we need to update our liquor laws but if it won’t go into effect until 2018, we have time to allow our legislature to work on it, making the legislation and changes more concise and less confusing. Might I suggest flipping a coin on this one?

Judges and Justices (taken directly from

Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices:  Vote NO on Justices James Winchester and Donald Combs.  They are not just.  Overall, our State Supreme Court is progressive and activist.  It sometimes disregards our state constitution, and its opinions are inconsistent.  These two justices voted incorrectly on five out of six key votes, yielding a score of only 16.5%.

In the last few years, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has banned the Ten Commandments (Prescott v. Okla. Capitol Preservation Committee, 2015 OK 54), protected child rapists (Burns v. Cline, 2016 OK 99), protected abortionists (Burns v. Cline, 2014 OK 90), and protected sex offenders (Hendricks v. Jones ex rel. State ex rel. Okla. Dept. of Corr., 2013 OK 71).  Download this Judging Justices Flyer and give a copy to everybody at church.

Charlie Meadows provides the following recommendations on appellate judges based on his off the record discussions with attorneys, prosecutors, and lower court judges.

Judge Clancy Smith (State Court of Criminal Appeals):  Vote NO – Sources tell us that this Brad Henry appointee is very smart, but ideologically progressive to her core and way too nit-picky with jury decisions.

Judge Robert Hudson (State Court of Criminal Appeals):  Vote YES – Hudson is fairly new on the court.  He was appointed Payne county District Attorney by Frank Keating, replacing a corrupt DA.  Eventually he became chief of staff for Scott Pruitt.  He was recently appointed by Gov. Fallin to the Criminal Court of Appeals.  Hudson appears to be a serious Christian, and everyone consulted gave him very high marks.

Judge Thomas Thornbrugh (State Court of Civil Appeals):  YOUR CHOICE – The Court of Civil Appeals is the most difficult to evaluate because they do not settle many high profile cases.  Thornbrugh was the only judge on the court with whom some sources were not fully satisfied.

Judge John Fischer (State Court of Civil Appeals): Vote YES.

Judge Larry Joplin (State Court of Civil Appeals): Vote YES.

 As for the rest, I think you know how I will be voting. I will be voting my conscience, aligning myself with the candidate that best represents my principles and values. I must admit, the Supreme Court and the thought of Hillary Clinton as President are a YUGE part of my motivation.


 My recommendations in down ticket races (Tulsa area)…

 U.S. Senator

James Lankford


Oklahoma State Senate

Dist 25            Joe Newhouse

Dist 33            Nathan Dahm          

Dist 35            Gary Stanislawski

Dist 37            Dan Newberry


Oklahoma House of Representatives

Dist 12            Kevin McDugle

Dist 66            Jadine Nollan

Dist 67            Scott McEachin

Dist 74            Mr. Derby (David Derby’s dad)

Dist 76            David Brumbaugh

Dist 69            Chuck Strohm

Dist 78            Molly McKay

Dist 79            Weldon Watson

Dist 80            Dr. Mike Ritze


Tulsa County

County Commissioner Dist 2         Josh Turley

Tulsa County Court Clerk              Don Newberry


City of Tulsa

City Council Dist 9                           Eric McCray


 Hope this helps!  Happy Voting!

PSO’s Deception



PSO vs The People:  Who’s Lying Now?

PSO has claimed: Smart Meters Don’t Collect Personal Data

And yet, on August 15, 2016, the Attorney General’s office sent a letter to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission instructing them to adopt rules protecting our personal privacy in the Electric Utility Rules (Chapter 35 of Title 165).  These rules were intended to protect our personal data other than usage collected and transmitted by the smart meters.

In the fall of 2015 Assistant Attorney General Jerry Sanger said the he understood the “Utilities have the potential to profit MORE from the customer data sold than the consumption of electricity” (Forbes and Politico).  The Oklahoma Corporation Commission was to promulgate the rules more than five years ago to protect our privacy.

Most people don’t realize that every device in a home has an identifiable frequency signature allowing real time display of intimate details of daily life, when you bathe, cook, do laundry and when you are home or away.

Who is PSO sharing our private information with? California Utilities have reported sharing the information with the Federal Government, civil and criminal courts and law enforcement without notice to the customer. This violates our 4th Amendment Rights.

Real-time data collection is a hot commodity, the selling of which can provide a very healthy revenue stream, not accountable and not reported. Considering the fact that utilities can actually make MORE profit from the selling of their customers data than by consumption of utilities, why does PSO continue to request rate increases to make up for the savings you incurred by conserving electricity? But that’s another story for another day.

Remember, through real-time data collection PSO (and hackers) will know your life style patterns and habits, and once the data is seized and transmitted, your data is no longer protected.